Services for Employers

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For Over 40 years, CHC has been providing local organizations with professional services. As Local, State and Federal laws change continuously, it is vital to have the necessary resources available to ensure compliance.

CHC is a recognized and accredited location offering Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Federal Bureau of Investigation electronic fingerprinting services. Whether the business is zero tolerance, or simply has a need for pre-employment screenings, CHC is able to accommodate your needs through our Employer Services program.

We’re proud to announce that we recently partnered with Kent State University to support their nursing student rotation requirements by providing on-site urine drug screenings.

“By inviting CHC Addiction Services to the College of Nursing, we were able to offer better accessibility to drug testing services for students. This in-house partnership eliminates logistical and scheduling hurdles and ensures prompt and confidential testing results being delivered to the student, helping to eliminate noncompliance. This convenient access to drug testing resources empowers students to prioritize completing requirements and offers a more supportive academic community.” –Kent State University

DOT Services

BWC Drug-Free Workplace

CHC is a leading Akron-based organization that focuses on the needs of those who are compliant with Department of Transportation (DOT). We understand the importance of providing the necessary services to allow organizations to operate and stay current with Federal Regulations.

CHC would like to help you maintain a safer workplace, and aide you in meeting your Federal requirements.


DOT NIDA 5 Panel, Urine Drug Screens

DOT Alco-Monitoring Tests

Certified DOT Collection Site


Third party laboratory utilized for UDS (Quest Diagnostics), or acting agents for TPAs of other collection agencies

Overseeing employee management system for DOT quarterly random consortium screenings

System generated random reports for DOT audits

Certified DOT collectors/staff trainers

Onsite and offsite UDS and Alco-Monitoring available

Partnership with after-hour services to allow for immediate local service when needed

Referral and/or treatment abilities for substance abuse programs needs

Friendly, professional staff with strong DOT testing methodology

Here’s a full list of our current offerings to support the BWC Drug-Free Workplace program:

Sap 5- 5 Panel UDS- Minimum requirement for BWC program

Sap 9- 9 Panel UDS- Accepted for BWC program

Drug-Free Workplace Training for employees and supervisors- Required for BWC program

BWC Employee Management System- BWC strongly encourages 3rd party random selections

DFWP Policy Assistance

CHC is committed to helping employers create healthy work conditions for their employees. CHC is a certified collection site for other testing companies supporting BWC DFWP programs. We utilize third party testing centers, per BWC requirements.

Contact Steve Heeter at 330-315-2630 for more details.