Services for Employers

For Over 40 years, CHC Addiction Services has been providing local organizations with professional services. As Local, State and Federal laws change continuously, it is vital to have the necessary resources available to ensure compliance.

CHC is a recognized and accredited location offering Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Federal Bureau of Investigation electronic fingerprinting services. Whether the business is zero tolerance, or simply has a need for pre-employment screenings, CHC is able to accommodate your needs through our Employee Assistance Services.

We also have programming to provide on-site services, including vaccinations, classes and urine drug screens.

Professional Services:

  • Electronic BCI Fingerprinting + background checks
  • Electronic FBI Fingerprinting+ background checks
  • Urine drug screens (can be suited for your needs)
    • Some tests can be done in-house – we have our own analyzer
    • Sap 5- 5 Panel UDS- Minimum requirement for BWC program
    • Sap 9- 9 Panel UDS- Accepted for BWC program
    • P5- 5 Panel UDS (Testing of 5 substances)
    • P4- 8 Panel UDS (Testing of 8 substances)
    • P12- 10 Panel UDS (Testing of 10 substances)
    • DOT Panel UDS
    • CHC is accredited by the Joint Commission
    • CHC is accredited by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment)
    • Facility or on-site collection services available
    • Confirmation of positive results performed by 3rd party laboratory service
    • Collection Specialists trained in accordance to 49 CFR Part 40 of the DOT Federal Regulations
  • Work Physicals 
  • TB Mantoux Test (1st & 2nd)
  • Influenza Vaccinations (seasonal)
  • American Heart Association First Aid Classes (When available)*
  • American Heart Association BLS/CPR Classes (When available)*
  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy Assistance
  • Drug-Free Workplace Training
    • Supervisor and Employee

CHC Addiction Services is with you every step of the way! Learn more about the ways we can help your company.

Contact Steve Heeter for questions about our employer health services.